Tungsten Copper High Voltage Electrical Contacts

Tungsten Copper High Voltage Electrical Contacts Picture

Tungsten copper high voltage electrical contacts / Arc Tolerant Contacts
Chinatungsten Online is the forerunner in manufacturing high voltage contacts and arc tolerant electrical contact materials. Tungsten copper electrical contacts materials are hard and durable, with good conductivity and particularly resistant to the erosive damage of contacting arcing.
Higher voltage applications bring a diverse set of challenges in design and wear of electrical contacts. Some of these high voltage contacts are operated in oil, others in air, others in a vacuum and still others in varying gases to deal with the unique requirements of high voltage applications. Some of the problems encountered will be high wear, arcing and sticking (or welding). In this section you'll find a large number of China Tungsten Online manufactured materials perfectly suited to meet these challenges.
Our contacts with Cu/W insert in the different compositions are applied in gas switches.
The devices in which our contacts are used are for:
- HV primary distribution
The nominal operating voltages are from 70 to 220K

Grade Composition Density g/cm Hardness Electrical Conductivity % IACS Application
CuW 60 60% Tungsten 13.0 145 HV 52 Arcing Contact
CuWC 67 67% Tungsten Carbide 12.7 350 HV 32 Electrical Upsetting
CuW 70 70% Tungsten 14.2 197 HV 46 Arcing Contact Vacuum Switch
CuW 72 72% Tungsten 14.5 200 HV> 40 Spark Erosion & Electro Chemical Machining
CuW 75 75% Tungsten 14.8> 220 HV 44 Arcing Contact
CuW 75 75%Tungsten 15.2 240 HV 40 Projection Welding
CuW 78 78% Tungsten 15.2 230 HV 40 Arc Contact resistance welding
CuW 80 80% Tungsten 15.5 235 HV 40 Arcing Contact